People are at the heart of any Continuous Improvement Deployment. To be effective, they need to be equipped with the right skills and knowledge.  Proficiency Systems offers an extensive catalog of world-class Continuous Improvement courses and workshops emphasizing a learning-by-doing-approach.  All courses are taught by highly experienced and engaging best-of-the-best instructors, with a focus on practicality and immediate real-world application.


While short-term benefits can be realized by training a core group and having them address key improvement needs, your Continuous Improvement (CI) momentum will soon wain unless you deeply engrain CI into your organization’s culture – top-to-bottom and end-to-end.  Proficiency Systems has the expertise to guide and support your team in the challenging work required to make Continuous Improvement the ‘way’ everyone – leaders and performers – do their work every day.


Proficiency Systems has a proven track-record in partnering with clients to help their Continuous Improvement deployments excel; delivering impressive short-term results and more importantly continuing to increase momentum and thrive over the long-term.

Multiple Proficiency Systems clients have sustained their CI deployments for more than a decade, with increasing tangible results year-over-year.

As a client, you should expect at least a 10X ROI on your investment into our services.


Today’s challenging business environment – continually increasing competition, complexity, and regulation – makes ongoing transformation a necessity for organizational success.  Numerous companies have attempted to address this need by deploying continuous improvement programs, but more often than not end up disappointed with the results.

Proficiency Systems recognizes that companies cannot afford to settle for under-performing continuous improvement programs, so we have made it our mission to partner with clients and leverage our diverse expertise to deliver tangible, lasting transformation, that engrains a culture of excellence into every aspect of their business.

We Can Help Your Organization Excel!

  • If you are under increasing pressure to improve revenue growth, operational efficiency, and agility.
  • If you are just beginning down the Continuous Improvement path and want to ensure it delivers on its promises.
  • If, regardless of the title (Continuous Improvement, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Operational Excellence), your CI deployment has not delivered the intended results.
  • If you are currently resource constrained and in need of proven expertise to lead specific improvement efforts.