We offer a rigorous set of high quality Continuous Improvement courses and workshops, emphasizing a learning-by-doing approach; equipping your workforce with the needed knowledge and skills to effectively lead and participate in solving the most critical problems facing your organization, as well as engraining CI into your culture.

Proficiency Systems' courses and workshops:

  • Are facilitated by expert and engaging instructors
  • Focus on hands-on application to deepen learning
  • Are aligned with immediate application of concepts taught to further enhance learning and provide rapid tangible results
  • Range from a few hours to five weeks in duration
  • Are available to provide the needed training to all levels of your organization:  Executives, Leaders, Project Leaders, Workers
  • Include offerings primarily targeting the technical content needed to effectively diagnose and identify the fundamental causes of problems, as well as those focusing on the soft-skills needed to effectively navigate change management, ensure needed stakeholder buy-in, and coach others
  • Are offered on-site at your location and in an Open Enrollment format at a wide array of locations
  • Can be customized to meet your specific needs and fit the language of your organization


While training provides an understanding of needed skills, turning the new knowledge into effective action in your unique environment is often a daunting task that, if not done carefully, can limit the progress and impact of your Continuous Improvement deployment.

Coaching delivered by Proficiency Systems' team of highly experienced consultants will help your workforce apply and master their newly acquired skills, reduce the likelihood of any missteps, and accelerate the engrainment of CI across your organization.

Our coaches provide guidance, serve as sounding boards, and help ensure accountability to:

  • Deployment Leaders as they architect the structure and guide the maturation of the overall CI deployment
  • Executives and Leaders as they learn and practice their roles in championing and supporting the delivery of short-term results and long-term cultural engrainment of CI
  • Project Leaders and Process Performers as they apply new learnings to deliver needed improvements

Project Leadership

Our primary objective is developing your organization's internal CI capabilities, however there will likely be times when you need to tackle a specific critical problem, but don't yet have the bandwidth of skilled people to lead the effort.

We can provide the needed Project Leadership when internal resources aren't available. All of Proficiency Systems's consultants are certified at the Master Black Belt, Lean Master, and/or PMP level and have led numerous successful projects.

We Can Help Your Organization Excel!

  • If you are under increasing pressure to improve revenue growth, operational efficiency, and agility.
  • If you are just beginning down the Continuous Improvement path and want to ensure it delivers on its promises.
  • If, regardless of the title (Continuous Improvement, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Operational Excellence), your CI deployment has not delivered the intended results.
  • If you are currently resource constrained and in need of proven expertise to lead specific improvement efforts.